Private Voice Lessons (ages 8+) with Kara Konken or Rachael Lord

These half-hour Private Voice Lessons include fifteen minutes of vocal technique, followed by repertoire work. The technique taught is ideal for singers wanting to work on Pop/Rock and Musical Theatre singing styles. Singers are guided through exercises to build strength and range while finding their own unique voice. Lessons will also focus on working on stage presence and emotional connection to music. These lessons are great for beginners as well as those looking to work towards audition goals. 

Private Voice Lessons (ages 8+) with Keara Trummel


These lessons consist of vocal exercises using the Connected Voice Technique, the Scientific Approach to Singing. Using this technique, students will learn the healthy way of singing and will understand the anatomy of their voice and how it works. Each exercise is specifically designed for the purpose of training the vocal chords to learn the technique. Using this technique, students will achieve an increase in vocal range and tonality, understand proper breathing for singers, and most importantly, understand their chest and mix voice and learn how to bridge the gap between the two, creating a stronger, healthier mix voice. Using the Connected Voice Technique enables singers to be able to sing any style of song, including Broadway, Pop, Rock, Jazz, and Country. Students will see improvement in their voice when using this technique, coupled with practice and dedication. Lessons include working on specific pieces of music, learning basic music theory, building a repertoire, “acting” a song, and getting a song audition-ready.  Lesson materials provided include: sheet music, background tracks, and recorded lessons.

Voice or Monologue Audition Prep (ages 8+) 

These Drop-in Lessons are for anyone who needs to prepare for an upcoming audition. Get help finding appropriate audition materials, choosing 16-32 bar cuts, finding background tracks, learning what to expect at an audition or callback, and perfecting your audition from start to finish. Appointment necessary, please click below to schedule.