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About Us

"Music and the arts make a bridge across this world that nothing else can."

-Julie Andrews


Curtain Call Studios is your one-stop shop for performing arts training! We are unlike other studios as we offer classes in music, voice, dance, musical theatre, film/tv acting and more. Our goal is to offer high-quality training with instructors who are experts in their field. CCS instructors are professionals working in their field with degrees and/or high-level training in their expert field. Students will not only learn how to perform their skill set to the best of their ability, but they will do so in a safe, nurturing, and encouraging environment! We pride ourselves on building a support system and community within our studio so students can leave feeling confident to take on any performance. 


We are so proud of our students achievements in the performing arts: 


CCS students have been seen in several professional productions in SWFL and beyond including on the Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre, Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall,and more!


CCS students successfully achieved being cast in a leading role in their school or community theatre productions!


CCS students who went on to pursue the performing arts in college have been accepted into their top school or were offered a spot in a BA or BFA program!


At Curtain Call Studios, we are very passionate about performing arts education and helping our students find their spotlight in the performing arts! If you would like assistance knowing which classes would be the right fit for you or your student, give us a call or send an email so we can help!


We can also set up an appointment for you to see the studio. Contact us here!

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