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Curtain Call Studios presents CCS Showstoppers! 


CCS Showstoppers is an auditioned performance troupe working with intermediate to advanced students ready to pursue the various elements of performance within the Contemporary/Pop music genre. Troupe members will learn how to give top of the line live performances with training in stage presence, microphone technique, pop vocal technique, and stage movement. Troupe members will also be learning repertoire and choreography to present during various different performance opportunities within the community. 


Students age 7+ may audition to join our Jr. Showstoppers Troupe

Students age 10+ may audition to join our Showstoppers Troupe



August 17th- Audition Workshop 4:30-6:30pm

Learn the dance combination in advance and get feedback on audition pieces! Parents are also invited to our membership meeting from 4:30pm-4:45pm to discuss what Showstoppers is all about.



August 24th- Auditions 4:30-6:30pm

Students will review, learn and present the dance combination as well perform their vocal piece

*Results and feedback from auditions will be sent out within 48 hours


Audition Requirements: 

Please bring/submit a resume & headshot (optional)

Prepare 32 bar cut of a pop song or Disney song (approx. 90 seconds or verse + chorus)







Showstoppers is an auditioned performance troupe, all members must participate in the audition process and be accepted into the group. 


All showstoppers must be enrolled in classes that provide specific training related to performance in order to join the Showstoppers Performance Troupe. Members should be enrolled in at least one voice-related class/lesson and additionally one dance-related class/lesson. 


Showstoppers will be asked to sign a code of conduct upon acceptance to the group that outlines behavior and performance expectations. 



Attendance is highly prioritized for this group’s success and should be considered a priority by our members as well. If there are scheduling conflicts, please let Ms Kelly know at least 2 weeks prior conflict. If you have a conflict with a rehearsal day prior to a performance, you may not be able to perform with the group for that specific performance unless otherwise approved. 

*If a rehearsal is canceled, you will be notified well in advance and a new rehearsal will be scheduled. Missing a rescheduled rehearsal will not count against you. 


Weekly rehearsals begin Thursday, August 31st until December 21st 

Jr. Showstoppers meet from 4:30-5:30pm

Showstoppers meet from 5:00pm-6:30pm


*Rehearsals take a hiatus for Winter Break. Regular rehearsal schedule will resume in January when we come back from Winter Break. 


Showstoppers Membership fee is $75/month which includes:


  • Weekly Rehearsals within the season- season runs from August 14th to December 21st.

  • 3 special workshops are offered throughout the season; it is mandatory for Showstoppers to attend 2 out of 3 workshops

  • *NEW* Showstoppers T-Shirt for all members returning or new

  • Showstoppers Costume- New or Updated from previous seasons (TBD)


Returning members receive their first month free! You will not be charged a membership fee for the month of August. 



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