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What is a performing arts studio?


A studio that offers lessons and classes in more than one of the performing arts all under one roof. We include lessons and classes in voice, acting, dancing, and piano.


How does tuition work?


Classes are charged on a monthly, not per class basis. For example, if a class is $32.50 per class and there is a month with 4 weeks you will be charged $130 for that month. This amount varies when the number of weeks varies in the month this number can change. For example, when there is a holiday or a month that has 5 weeks.


How to enroll?


Enrollment can all be done online! Visit the student portal tab to create an account and follow the prompts all the way through to the checkout. In order for you to be officially enrolled, you have to complete the checkout process by paying for both the class(es) you selected and any associated enrollment fees.


How to unenroll?


Though we hate to see you go, we understand that sometimes change has to happen. At this time you cannot unenroll yourself. Please call the studio at 239-208-9138 or email us at and we will assist you in unenrolling.

Do you offer free trial classes?

We do not offer free trial classes. Due to the nature of our class offerings and lessons, each class or lesson will feature new topics/skills to be learned each week. This makes it difficult to know whether or not you'd enjoy the class based on one experience. We know it is a financial commitment to enroll with monthly tuition, but you are able to unenroll at the end of the month if it is not the right fit! 

If I don't enroll at the beginning of the month, will tuition be prorated?


Yes! If you start part way through the month in lessons or classes, you will only be charged for the weeks you attend class. 

How do I get enrolled in an audition-based class or group?


To enroll in an audition-based class such as Level 1&2 Film & TV, you must submit the required audition materials via email. You can send a google drive link, youtube video, or MP4 file. 

To join our performance troupe, you must attend the in-person audition at the beginning of the Fall or Spring season. If you miss the auditions and are still interested in joining, please contact the studio to learn more. 

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